Swallowtail school, nth cst KI SA (old scan).

Quite common in higher energy high profile reef sites in SA, esp. nth cst KI,but, best I reckon for easy viewing is by SNORKEL(yes!!) in Hanson Bay, on KI’s south cst.
There’s a biggish school that usually hang about over a fairly bare rockface w approx. a 2-3m drop-off to sandy rubbly bottom inside the bay.Viz can be 20+m on good days,and the bottom depth is only about 5-9m where they hang out.Very small bay,w partial protection from big swells afforded by a (submerged even @ low tide, but still shallowish in places,but fails to reach right across bay entrance,so still need a good day for going into the water there ,but easy access from beach,car parking available near western end of beach…used to be,hopefully isq…but the only 5 or 6 star eco-resort on KI was built on the rocky higher ground overlooking bay since I last went there).
Excellent shallow protected rocky bommies type snorkel terrain meets beach @ eastern end too(only about 200m walk from western=car access end….and a small tea-coloured stream enters bay at beach’s western end (from Kelly Hill Caves Cons. Park which backs onto this beach))but is rarely more than inches deep, easy to wade across,sea water is COLD but lovely inshore scenery,limestone underhangs++ etc.
NOT a Syngnathid habitat,or if so,’I’d like to see that’!