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Reaper Cuttlefish – Sepia mestus

The Reaper Cuttlefish, is a small species of cuttlefish with deep red coloration native to the southwestern Pacific Ocean, observed from Escape Reef off Queensland to Jervis Bay just south of Sydney. I have usually seen these cuttlefish in pairs and many times I will bump into them as I’m combing the sediment looking for pipefish.

There is another species of cuttlefish, the Mourning Cuttlefish, Sepia plangon, which looks very similar and is also found in NSW.

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Periclimenes imperator and Periclimenes soror

The emperor shrimps, Periclimenes imperator, and Periclimenes soror, are a species of shrimp with a wide distribution across the Indo-Pacific. It lives commensally on a number of invertebrate hosts, including nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, and sea stars. Periclimenes imperator has  typical duck-billed appearance and has purple legs and pinces. Periclimenes soror on the other hand is smaller and and its claws aren’t purple tipped. I’ve usually seen this species on blue sea stars in New Caledonia.