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‘Westward Ho’; Ckga Sth Bch
‘Westward Ho’; Ckga Sth Bch

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lance . good info!!
David Muirhead How many times must I say and say with factually accurate passion and desperate desire to educate the public? This beach and this bay (Yankalilla Bay) are right up there with the worlds best biodiversity gems. Truth is,I'm beginning to think,the first casualty of ecological sciences infernally blighted relationship with political figures,policy,critical thinking,and the underwhelmingly overt truism of our time:where there is money to be had,it is never spent on any species...(to be continued..)
David Muirhead ...(cont)..unless it is one the public know about and like e.g. koalas and pandas,is that increasingly uncommon attribute 'Common sense '.Common sense tells us that failure to protect and manage sustainably entire ecosystems is the priority for this time,yet that concept seems yet to be assimilated by the majority of people when looking at whole communities.
David Muirhead If you had trouble deciphering my above two comment posts,please take comfort in knowing that I did too! Having just reread them,I see I was in my self absorbed philosophy zone excessively when I keyed that diatribe. Paraphrased,all I said was that common sense seems less common than the term suggests,and that we need to protect entire ecosystems not only target species. Hardly a novel idea,I'll freely state!